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Madhu Jain: Indian Fashion is Going Places

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Madhu Jain: Indian Fashion is Going Places
Madhu Jain: Indian Fashion is Going Places
09 th Sep 2013

With 26 years of experience, Madhu Jain is more than just a name. She reviewed and redefined the identity of Indian fashion and helped it to survive in the world of commerce.

A retrospective celebration was organised to show the work of Madhu Jain over 26 years and to reflect on how fashion has evolved in the last few decades, but she says that 'It is hard to imagine what it was like then and how it is today'. In fact for Madhu, the importance of reviving lost art is crucial and she makes « serious fashion ». It is also the reason for Madhu’s absence from fashion weeks season after many seasons.

To improve Indian fashion, Madhu has her idea and for her it’s clear, India’s designers need to be focused on their work - they have and stop deriving inspiration from the West because one should not be mixing Indian textiles with western silhouettes. But Madhu Jain has already switched focus to the future, with a new collection on Kashmir which will be the result of research and work on the temple paintings of Kerala.

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