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Made In ... India: Samskara

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Made In India - Samskara Exhibition - Indian textiles by Indian Designers
Made In ... India: Samskara
18 th Feb 2014

The recent exhibition “Made In . . . India: Samskara” is an unusual occasion to view modern textile and clothing designs, related to traditional Indian culture of crafts.

The main purpose is to create modern and original useful artefacts, inspired from old Indian crafts. The exhibition includes more than 100 designs and involves 23 designers. It shows some of pieces from Abraham and Thakore, creations by Rasa and Aneeth Arora and also some designs from Fashion Designer Gaurav Gupta.

The display takes place until February 28, 2014 and Sunil Sethi, president of India Fashion Design Council has curated the collection.

After New Delhi, it is scheduled to run to Japan and later at Milan World Expo 2015. The profits from the sale will go to the Young Talent Award fund, which supports and promotes young emerging artists from across the globe.

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