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Largest Garment Fair in Mumbai

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Indian Fashion News-Largest Garment Fair in Mumbai
Largest Garment Fair in Mumbai
24 th Jun 2011

The three-day 53rd National Garment Fair 2011 began in Mumbai on 20 June 2011 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre. The Fair is the largest related to the Indian apparel industry which connects Indian and International brands as well as designers, manufacturers, retailers, and distribution channels. This year’s Fair has attracted over 250 exhibitors including Challenge, Gravity, Toppler, Stori, 1090F, Titanic, Siyaram, Recardo, Blue Tonic, and Coca Banana. The latest collections of these and other companies are on display at the Fair. Some companies such as Craze, Basil Leaf, Horse Brass, and D-UD-E Jeans have for the first time launched their collections in the expo. Organised by the Clothing Manufacturers’ Association of India (CMAI), over the years, the Fair has become the perfect forum for brand promotion, product launch, retail network expansion, licensing deals, new franchisee identification, and information gathering on fashion, items and market trends.

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