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Lakmé Fashion Week to Showcase Five Textile Designers

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Textile Design India at Lakme India Fashion Week 2014 - Spring Summer
Lakmé Fashion Week to Showcase Five Textile Designers
21 st Feb 2014

This year, Lakmé Fashion Week will be showcasing five textile designers in order to show its appreciation for Indian textiles. An entire day will be dedicated to this celebration of the  diverse patterns, colours and fabrics that have been brought to India by textiles . This day will have presentations by Anavila Sindhu Misra, Karishma Shahani Khan, Lalit Sengar, Sidharth Sinha and Suket Dhir.

At the moment, whilst demand for textiles in India is low, hand-woven and handcrafted fabrics as well as embroideries are popular internationally. “It is strange that internationally, our textiles are favoured more. Out there, people don’t come across handwoven and handcrafted fabrics, and embroideries, so they really value it, and are willing to pay the price it deserves,” Sidharth Sinha expressed.

The problem is believed to be Indian’s lack of value for the rich craft and tradition of the country, which has worsened with Western influences. Nathaniel Rynjah, Sinha’s marketing arm expressed his opinions, “Handcrafted pieces take a long time to create; each piece takes months depending on the intricacy involved. Hence, it is slightly more expensive than other products. But people don’t understand this increase in cost.”

Consequently, designers are expressing the importance to educate the Indian customer about the processes and the hard work that goes into the creation of every garment.

Sinha is hopeful that all this awareness and involvement from Indian designers will help increase demand in India over time. 

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