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The Kota Doria Saree - The Fashion Journey

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The Kota Doria Saree - The Fashion Journey | Kota Doria Saree
The Kota Doria Saree - The Fashion Journey
27 th Feb 2015

In the 17th century, a Mughal General campaigning for emperor Aurangzeb named Maharao Kishore Singh, gathered a number of master weavers to produce stunning handcrafted, lightweight and extremely colourful saris within his home town of Kota within Rajasthan. Over a period of time, these saris began to be known as ‘Kota Doria’ saris and the town of Kota then also became well known for this specific and loved craftsmanship. 

Many centuries later, Young Chennai ladies who were once used to heavy silk saris known to the south, soon started taking a distinctive liking to these lightweight and unique saris. Accommodating this high demand, Noor Mohammed, whose large family has around 100 years of history in weaving and creating Doria sarees, is bringing his garments to Chennai for the fourth time. 

Noor Mohammed, who originates from Kota, withing Kaithoon village stated, "This is the sole occupation of our village and we have more than 3,000 loom pits." 

Kaithoon is the largest producer of ‘Kota Doria’ saris in Kota. Kota Doria, comes from the work Doria meaning thread, and is made of cottons and silk threads in a variety of innovative combinations of vertical and horizontal weaving. The weaving creates square shaped check patterns known as 'khat'. The expertly made khat patterns become translucent which creates the unique distinctive look of the fabric.

A genuine Kota Doria is extremely soft as the fabric is specially hand woven on traditional pit looms and has been descried as particularly comfortable to wear during the hot summers.

Sources: Rajastan Tourism


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