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Kingfisher Ultra Hyderabad International Fashion Week

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Kingfisher Ultra Hyderabad International Fashion Week |Raai Lakshmi on the Catwalk
Kingfisher Ultra Hyderabad International Fashion Week
27 th Feb 2015

Day 3 of the Kingfisher Ultra Hyderabad International Fashion Week carried on a positive note as a variety of local and global talent all came together.

Design house ‘Mehbaz’ focused on tradition, using popular model Sadhna Singh, who spoke up against rape in collaboration with designer Sanjana Jon, who took focused on the theme of ‘stop violence against women’. The design house, known for their plush Indian silhouettes blended both traditional and contemporary styles. Heavy embellishment decorated the garments whilst unique textures created an interesting design feature. Srishti Rana added beauty and glamour to the event as she sauntered down the ramp in a stunning outfit. The sophisticated Shreedhar Rao also stood out as he stomped down the ramp as a star of the show for Mehbaz.

The curiosity in relation to the winner of the Kingfisher Supermodels Show on NDTV Good Times was extremely high as images of the winner were revealed – showing Aastha Pokharel as well as other contributors of the show. The winners were anouced by Gurpreet Singh, the Assistant Marketing vice-president at United Breweries Ltd. Aastha Pokharel shall now get the chance to be included within the legendary ‘Kingfisher Calendar 2015’ besides 4 other beautiful models who will be photographed by Vivek Gundavaram.

Hyderabad’s popular Sadhna Singh supported the cause ‘stop rape against women’. Guaranteeing women’s safety has been one of the largest global worries, alongside a number of other celebrities from a number of backgrounds including actors Rajesh Khattar and Satyam Rajesh who walked the ramp articulating their support for the cause.

The grand finale of the event included New York based designer Sanjana Jon, who also devoted her stunning collection to the important cause of ‘stop violence against women’. The well-known designer was inspired heavily by radiating gold light that signifies youth, womanhood and happiness. Her collection was a true representation of beautiful silhouettes of femininity, optimism and flexibility with its subtle combination of textures and bright colours in attractive silhouettes. Sanjana presented an exquisite union of western styles and traditional Indian wear. A host of loved actors including the Bollywood actor Nisha Kothari along side others who worked the catwalk with their fashionable and stylish demeanour.

Sources: Yadtek

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