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Kim Kardashian Loves India

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Indian Fashion News - Kim Kardashian Loves India
Kim Kardashian Loves India
18 th Dec 2011

She couldn't have made her intentions about India clearer if she'd sent us a letter declaring that she was coming to the country. And if we've interpreted all her recent quotes on India correctly, it's only work (and lot's of it) that Kim's seeking. Over the past several months, the American reality TV star has been working relentlessly to woo the country's (especially Bollywood's) attention, and in the process, she's expressed her love for everything Indian, fashion and films included. The preparation started a few months ago, when Kim first tweeted that her friend Sheeraz Hasan of had given her a few Shah Rukh Khan movies to watch. At that point, Sheeraz had told DT that Kim's "very interested in doing a Bollywood film", and over the last 12 months, she'd been approached by various Bollywood producers to do a dance number in a few films. And voila, soon enough, we heard the actress say in an interview that she's a "big fan of Bollywood". While an item number is one of the things she's considering, the recently-divorced actress is more keen to do a movie starring one of the two Khans - Salman or Shah Rukh. Sheeraz had revealed this to us, saying, "She really wants to get into a Bollywood movie now. She asked me for names of people that she could debut with and there can be no one besides Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan." Of course, fashion is equally important (and might we say, lucrative?). Kim said that her brother Adrienne had been to India a couple of years ago and "he said that it's the most beautiful place ever". And then, at Indian-American hotelier Vikram Chatwal's 40th birthday bash in New York, she spoke (again!) about why (another reason!) she wants to come to India, when she said, "I'd love to go to India... I'd love to just go there and see for myself, and get inspired, and get some traditional clothes from there... I love all the colours (in Indian culture), love the gold, bangles, which are really popular in the US right now." And to make sure that she finds her way into the country much before her contemporaries, she has entrusted her friend Sheeraz to chart the route for her. He told us, "Kim's launched Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai, and the next destination inshallah will be Bombay, possibly early next year. There is a very big group in India, which has asked me to bring the milkshake bar to India. So, we are trying to make sure that we can bring Kim for the launch of this next year. We'll be looking at creating the Kim Kardashian Bollywood shake now." Well, if that's what she'll come for, we know the headline that'll go with it - Shake it, baby!

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