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Karnataka is organising a fashion week to showcase local talent

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An inside look into the making of khadi silk material - khadi and handloom
Karnataka is organising a fashion week to showcase local talent
15 th Jan 2014

Karnataka attempts to increase its influence on the fashion industry by organising Karnataka Fashion Week 2014. It will take place on 22nd-24th January at the Bowring Institute.

Fashion guru Prasad Bidapa reveals that the main purpose of this event is to encourage the local fashion industry by displaying the talent of south Indian designers and promoting their cultural textiles.

Karnataka with its rich heritage is eager to create awareness, not only domestically but globally, about the culture and glamour it has to offer to fashion. The fashion week will give a great opportunity for the state to showcase its rare handloom, khadi and hand-spun industry, which are in need of attention and appreciation. Addtionally, a design contest will be held for young emerging talent from Karnataka, in order to support them and encourage their participation in the upcoming fashion shows.

The show will also be used as a platform to raise awareness about the manufacturing federation, Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha, located in Hubli. Apart from being the only unit in India with authorisation to manufacture and supply the Flag of India, it also manufactures khadi items such as clothing and bags.

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