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Jasmin Walia: from Reality Shows to Bollywood Movies

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Jasmin Walia at the Asian Awards | Jasmin Walia: from Reality Shows to Bollywood Movies
Jasmin Walia: from Reality Shows to Bollywood Movies
28 th Apr 2015

Jasmin Walia is a well-known name now. She became famous thanks to her character in “The Only Way is Essex” and has just been named as the 'Sexiest Asian' in the UK.

Jasmin is only 24 years old and has many open possibilities in front of her. She has recently stated that her dream would be to participate in a Bollywood movie, and this is why she has used these recent events at the Asian Awards, to build and reinforce her network.

She studied theatre since she was 10 years old, but her fear is that participating in a reality show like TOWIE has now ruined her the chance to be part of a Bollywood movie.

Jasmin declared to now be ready to take part in many auditions and to start with a small part, in the hope of soon becoming a Bollywood star.

The TOWIE star studied dance, singing and acting and her determination to break into the industry seems to be really strong, thus the eventuality of seeing her in the near future staring in a big Bollywood film seems to be nearing closer.

Source: filmofillia

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