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Influences of Indian-Americans on Fashion

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The influences of Indian-Americans on Fashion and Development
Influences of Indian-Americans on Fashion
27 th Feb 2014

"Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Sahpe the Nation" is the name of a new exhibition at the Smithsonian (Washington DC) about the influence that Indian-Americans have had on society. It examines the history of Indian immigration to the United States and their influence since 1790, the year when the first Indians arrived and helped built the nation.

Doctors, engineers, spelling bee champs and even a fashion designer who has dressed the first lady Michelle Obama are some of the takeaways from this exibhition. Curator Masum Momaya said her team used Indian-American stereotypes as an entry point for visitors to learn more. She said: "We want to take people beyond some of the things they know and have seen in popular culture to the deeper and more nuanced history," she said. "I think one of the things that museums can do is add history and add context to contemporary conversations about race and immigration." 


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