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The Influence of Bollywood Celebrities in Lifestyle Choices

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Indian Fashion and Indian Lifestyle Purchasing Behaviour influenced by Bollywood Celebrities
The Influence of Bollywood Celebrities in Lifestyle Choices
14 th Feb 2014

Bollywood celebrities continue to be a driver customer choices in India, although the local distinctions.

A Pricewaterhouse Coopers study affirms that Bollywood customers are influenced by celebrity lifestyle and clothes. Also, they are willing to pay more to have some celebrity personal opinions about style and apparel.

“There could be some regional languages that produce good films. But as far as reach is concerned, that too pan-India, there is nothing like Bollywood films. Bollywood films have a certain appeal as they sell fantasies and these movies invest heavily on apparels and lifestyle products than any other vernacular movie,” said the vice-president at advertising firm Pinstorm, Parag Shahane.

As well Hrish Bijoor, brand expert and chief executive officer at Harish Bijoor Consults, confirms, “Bollywood breaks every barrier today, economic, language, region, ethnic and all.” The perfect example comes from Indus League Clothing that removed the embarrassment in wearing Jealous 21. “After we did the branding of Jealous 21 with the film Heroine and Kareena Kapoor was seen wearing them in the film, the embarrassment associated with the name ‘jealous’ has gone. Branding with a celebrity gives visibility, increases brand recall and makes it part of the ‘consideration set’ of brands,” said Rachna Aggarwal, chief executive officer, Indus League Clothing.

At the same time “Companies must not milk the cow too much. Don’t kill the Bollywood goose that is still laying its golden eggs on this count. Therefore, my advice is to use this ability of Bollywood with caution, and with sublimity as an approach than overt in-the-face brand-shove” said Bijoor.

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