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Indian Textiles Take Centre Stage at Victoria and Albert Museum

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Indian Fashion News-Indian Textiles Take Centre Stage at Victoria and Albert Museum
Indian Textiles Take Centre Stage at Victoria and Albert Museum
05 th Oct 2015

As part of the India Festival, the UK’s Victoria and Albert Museum are showcasing a collection of textiles in their ‘The Fabric of India’ exhibition. The exhibition highlights the creativity and mastery of Indian textiles, which have played a massive part in India’s fashion industry.

A third of the exhibits have been loaned from personal collections and museums in India, the United States and France, with the remaining two-thirds come from V&A’s main collection. The exhibition looks at the raw materials and process used when making cloth by hand and emphasises the value of India’s natural resources to its textile industry by looking at cotton, silk and wool.

In addition to the materials themselves, the exhibition also champions the varied range of complex techniques used in the India textile industry, from embroidery to block printing. This variety of techniques and fabrics has made India a leader in textile creation.

Traditionally, textiles have been used as a display of religious devotion, wealth, and status. The exhibition examines how fabrics have been used over centuries in both court life and religious observance, and how the imagery and techniques change depending on the level of patronage and religious context.

The highlights of the exhibition include a colourfully embroidered boy’s jacket made from mirrors and silk, and a breathtaking wall hanging depicting colourful geometric patterns and elephants.

The must see exhibition which opened on the 3rd October 2015 will run until 10th January 2016 at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Source: Victoria and Albert Museum

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