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Indian Men are the Real Peacocks

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Rohit Bal's Collection at the India Couture Week 2014
Indian Men are the Real Peacocks
16 th Aug 2014

“As fashion trends go, burst of colours are something that our subconscious is already tuned into,” says Tarun Tahiliani. “We react to colours very instinctively as Indians,” he says. But, over the last century or so, as Indian men strode to gain acceptance in British society, they shed their traditional colours and settled into blacks, greys and browns. Before long, complexion-based bias reared its ugly head and society deemed that dark-skinned people cannot carry bright hues, condemning a major percentage of Indian men from flaming reds and gorgeous greens. That’s no longer the case, adds the designer.

Raakesh Agarvwal says that men are sporting intense hues more often these days, while the women have sobered down. Perhaps because India is no stranger to loud colours, the trend is cutting across classes as well. “For instance, recently a young politician wore purple pants with such panache that crumpled white khadi-neta-kurta image dug itself down a couple of inches in the public conscience.”. Another designer Nachiket Barve, says, “Men’s fashion in India has grown by leaps and bounds. They are no longer afraid to wear coral bermudas with a lime green polo shirt. Bold mix of colours is bringing an edge into a man’s wardrobe.”

Perhaps Rohit Bal has been right all along, when he said that Indian Men are the Real Peacocks. His latest collection at the India Couture Week had a splash of colour for men, with bright hues of red, orange and golden shades. And if the other trends on the ramp are anything to go by, this summer is certainly a colourful one for mens styles in India and Internationally.

Pic: Rohit Bal's Mens collection at the India Couture Week 2014, from FDCI

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