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Indian Fashion Scenario - Indian Designer Clothes, Designer Lenghas
Indian Fashion Scenario
02 nd Jan 2014

We start the New Year remembering some interesting changes that occurred in the fashion design industry in India over 2013.

First, more and more designers started to shift towards handloom with the aim of reviving it. As a result, the years to come are sure to see an array of reinvented textiles.

Secondly, innovation in terms of textures, prints, chemical washes and laser cutting techniques, among others are making Indian collections noticeable on the global fashion platform. Indeed, a lot of international publications have been appreciating the designs and collections of some Indian designers.

Thirdly, the emergence of e-commerce and social media has bridged the gap between designers and their prospective clients.

In the meantime of seeing what this year will bring to fashion industry, we wish all of you a fashionable new year!

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