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Indian Fashion Designers using Normal People as Models

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Ordinary Models showcasing Indian Designer Clothes by Indian designer Anavila Misra
Indian Fashion Designers using Normal People as Models
23 rd Jun 2014

Anavila Misra is only one of the famous Indian Designer known for having used real women to showcase her collection. According to the designer, the four tribal women she picked as models for her latest collection were important in making her traditional sarees and dresses more alive.  


On the same page is designer Uma Prajapati who has recently launched an organic clothing collection, showcasing the same using a 64 year old model. The designer explained the unconventional choice by her willingness to show the strong personality of the Indian woman more than just showing how sexy she is. What is good is that the same logic seems to apply for mens clothing where more brands are also using "normal" male models to promote their collections.


Goan designer Wendell Rodricks has been the pioneer when he started to pick models of all ages and shapes about a decade ago. He bets than people remember the clothes more than they would have done with regular models. And looking and the number of designers and labels following his example, he might turn out being right.

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