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Indian Designers Explore New Business Opportunities

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Indian Fashion Designers Interior Designs Jewellery Line Extensions
Indian Designers Explore New Business Opportunities
28 th Oct 2013

The so-called Formidable Four fashion designer, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar, JJ Valaya and Suneet Varma, are currently exploring new business areas in which express their creativity. Designing hotel interiors, open up lifestyle stores, creating bags, shoes, watches and jewellery are some of the activities in which they are committing.

As a fact, last month JJ Valaja launched India’s largest designer lifestyle store in Delhi, The Home of the Traveler. In his words, “I was looking for the next big thing, and finally, on completion of 20 years in the world of luxury, I decided to introduce to my clients a concept of designer interior furniture and accessories (..).Each product of The Home of the Traveler, or THT, will bring a character, a narrative and a piece of history to a home”.

As for Tarun Tahiliani, his ability to merge Indian craftsmanship and heritage with European silhouettes has been exported from garments to Interior design. “I actually started long ago when I designed my store, Ensemble, back in 1987. Then I did all our stores, followed by my homes in Delhi and Goa”, explained Tarun. His first contract was signed up for a jewellery showroom, but since then he has been doing numerous projects ranging from private homes to restaurants to resorts and to boutique hotels. The designer has also created a jewellery line that includes luxury watches, ready-to-wear and for bridal occasions.

Ritu Kumar, on her part, has decided to focus on the bags and shoes industries. She justified her choice admitting that “To infuse fresh ideas into a brand so that it does not stagnate, you need to reach out to allied areas. I felt bags allowed me to use my core strength of textile and craftsmanship in a fresh new way while retaining the same Ritu signature elements”.

Finally, Suneet Varma, whose glamour and timeless style has fascinated both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities since 90’s, has expanded his field of creativity from shoes to bags to cars to hotels and to high-end jewellery. As he recalled: “Designing is not a static profession and moving out of your comfort zone of couture clothing keeps your energy dynamic. After all, the idea is always to have something new that enchants and entices your client so that they are always in love with your creations”.

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