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Indian Clothes Export to Achieve $17 Billion Target

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Indian Clothes Export on Track to Achieve $17 Billion Target
Indian Clothes Export to Achieve $17 Billion Target
20 th Feb 2014


India’s garment export in 2010-11 stood at $11.026 billion and then increased to $12.397 in 2012-13, however in 2012-13 it declined to $12.397. Regardless of this decline, the performance of India’s apparel export is good and is expected to achieve the target of $17 billion set for 2013 – 14, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Textile, Panabaaka Lakshmi stated.

Ms. Lakshmi explained that there was a regular review on the performance of clothing exports and that the Government was taking promising steps with the readymade garment industry towards expanding clothing exports.

Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia and Pakistan have been added to the Woven Cotton Fabrics list of export under the MLFPS.

Considering the Governmental schemes it is likely that India’s clothing export will perform well in the last few months of the financial year as well as in the next financial year, information explained from the Minister’s official statement.

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