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Indian and Turkey's Cultural Affinity Boost Wedding Tourism

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Indian Designer Clothes | Indian and Turkey Common Wedding Traditions Boost the Tourism
Indian and Turkey's Cultural Affinity Boost Wedding Tourism
06 th Jul 2014

Wedding ceremonies in India are probably the most rich celebration ever seen around the world. Beautifully embroidered dresses along with golden jewellery make the Indian brides shine and also the grooms are usually splendidly adorned.

Marriages in India tend to last for at least a couple of days and they include several rituals such as, for example, having henna painted on your hands (for the females).

While India and Turkey are different in terms of wedding traditions, but the cultural affinity between the countries is making Turkey a popular choice for Indian destination weddings. Turkey is also popular because some recent Bollywood movies have been shot in the country, giving a tourism boost from India. In fact, Turkey, as an holiday destination is expected to have double the number of tourists from India in the year 2014.

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