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India towards Sustainable Fashion 2020: A Ministerial Event

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“India towards Sustainable Fashion 2020”: A Ministerial Event- eco-friendly fashion
India towards Sustainable Fashion 2020: A Ministerial Event
04 th Mar 2015

Last week on Sunday 22nd of February, there was a special event in New Delhi called “India towards Sustainable Fashion 2020”. This was a one-day event organised by the Institute of Apparel Management and inaugurated by the Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi.

The aim was to present a new concept of creating fashion: focused on sustainability and involving different characters and roles in the fashion industry.

The organisers of it wanted to promote the idea of a “new fashion” across young entrepreneurs in the country, meaning that experts and designers together, from all around the world, should find new sustainable and natural materials to change the way we make fashion.

As Maneka Ghandi said herself: recycling is not the answer in this case. Instead “Khadi product needs to adopt new technology and come out with trendy designs and patterns.”

From the Institute of Apparel Management’s point of view, the event was also a place to encounter people from around the world and discuss with them about the panel. The order of the day was to find and employ new skills and competencies, in addition to new materials, in the fashion industry. Thus long and short-term objectives must be assessed by experts and designers together.

However the event also had the function of increasing the awareness across the country about a sensible subject, that is becoming more urgent and an important question that must be solved.

Source: Ethica

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