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India Couture Week 2014: Art Took Centrestage

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Art took centrestage at India Couture Week 2014 - A creation by Indian Designer Gaurav Gupta on the ramp
India Couture Week 2014: Art Took Centrestage
26 th Jul 2014

Fro regular followers of Indian fashion weeks, one gets a sense of deja-vu in a lot of the shows and collections. A lot of heavy embroidery, similar colours, silhouettes that have been around for years on end. There has been a ressurgence amongst a certain segment of designers in the recent past to focus on art and design and not just commercially viable collection. This is refreshing, because one can see a lot of imagination on the ramp.

The recently concluded India Couture Week is a good example of an event at which some of the leading couturiers in the country showcased their vision and made a statement. Manish Arora presented his trademark styles in bright neons and metallic tinted styles at the French Embassy. The beautifully crafted and executed show had all the elements one has come to expect of Mr Arora. Innovative use of Japanese Temari and pleated bell-bottom trousers were some of the interesting highlights that stood out for us. The final display of a gold embellished swimsuit was received amid much applause.

Gaurav Gupta presented his collection, inspired by the Greek goddess of the night, Nyx. The collections included beautiful evening styles in tones of cream and gold and more vibrant shades of blue and red. The designer used a range of floral embroidery and embellished arm gloves - very innovative.

Pic: Harpers Bazaar

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