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The Growing use of Foreign Models in India

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The growing use of foreign models in India Fashion Industry and Indian Fashion Shows
The Growing use of Foreign Models in India
24 th Feb 2014

Lately foreign ("white") models are being increasingly used instead of Indian models in Indian product campaigns. This is being critised because while this approach was being adopted only for TV and billboard ads, but now the same trend seems to be expanding to Fashion Shows - the only space in the beauty industry where being dark-skinned was not a disadvantage. 

Most companies say that they prefer using white models because they are going glocal (globall + local), that means that they are expanding to other countries and that white models make the products more international.

Another reason companies refer to, is that bringing white models from countries like Ukraine is cheaper for them. And finally, that "white" female models are "aspirational", that means that Indians have that longing for taht pure white skin and for most men seeing those white women is an escape, a fantasy.

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