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Futuristic Indian Fashion

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Hussein Chalayan's Inertia on the Ramp
Futuristic Indian Fashion
29 th Jul 2014

Designers have been toying with the idea of futuristic clothing - in the form of high-tech fabrics, functional clothing and even self-lighting clothing. Hussein Chalayan is one of the designers who have showcased futuristic fashion on the ramp. 

Back in India, designers have had trysts with futuristic fashion in a limited manner. "Imagine a world where maybe your phone gets charged while it is still in your pocket by solar energy or imagine your collar functioning as the receiver and mike to communicate. Imagine a world with no use of air conditioners and your fabrics solves the purpose, Imagine your garment hydrates you with the moisture around you by reverse osmosis, and so much more left to your imagination," says designer Pranav Mishra of Huemn. 

Another designer, Aniket Satam, says,"Molecular technology and convertible construction is indeed the future of fashion. Also, textile Innovation and sustainable approaches would be defining our eco sensitive needs in the future. Personally, I think we are gradually moving - back to the basics with more organic and individualistic sense of style. Lastly, the universe is becoming more digital and it will invade our wardrobes soon. Think app for changing garment colour, temperature modulating garments,etc are not far post Google glasses and LED infused garments."

Designer Anita Dongre says, "Futuristic fashion does most certainly push the creative boundaries, marrying creative aesthetic with technology and innovation- a unique and radical design collaboration where one uses elements right from LED lights to helium balloons to metallic moulded pieces or even wood- which represent the avant garde and offer a peak into what the future of fashion holds." However, the designer also admited that in India, anything that is too stylised is considered "costume-ish".

"Western sensibilities are very different and more evolved when it comes making radical fashion choices, where one would see pop and music icons like a Lady Gaga, Rihanna or a Madonna donning these futuristic creations, while the Indian audience would still rather look conventionally fashionable than radical. I think we still have a long way to go before we become fashionably liberal and experimental. Its still the era to "fit in" rather than "Stand out" so the future of dressing in my opinion which while will continue to be experimental, edgy and driven by innovation in thought and design, it may still take a while to get from the runway to the consumer's wardrobe." 

Pic: Fashion Salad

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