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Fridays Equal The Return Of Khadi

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The Return Of Khadi
Fridays Equal The Return Of Khadi
23 rd Sep 2016

Over the years, India’s clothing habits have been rapidly changing and more and more people have adopted the Western ways of dressing. The clothing industry as a result has been taken over by Western fabrics and is overshadowing the local yarns. However, India’s own swadeshi yarn Khadi is now making a comeback to mainstream clothing, which is certainly a good thing for the Indian economy.

From its history with the freedom and swadeshi movement as well as earning a seal of approval from the legendary Mahatma Gandhi himself, Khadi as a yarn has a lot going for it. It also has a strong link with the Indian rural economy considering that it is spun and woven by hands of village artisans.

As a yarn, Khadi is quite versatile in nature, it can be spun very fine or very thick depending upon the requirements. If marketed and sold well, Khadi can easily become one of the most popular consumer goods. If Khadi is made easily available, it has huge income potential and as a result employment potential, which could make it a great link between rural and urban India. Seeing the huge benefits Khadi can offer, it is no surprise that the government of Goa has ordered its employees to 'voluntarily' wear khadi every Friday!

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