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Fresh Talent On A Platter!

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6 Indian Designers | Fresh Talent On A Platter!
Fresh Talent On A Platter!
10 th Feb 2016

The Indian fashion fraternity is in a happy state at the moment as more and more young and talented designers are bringing in their chic and edgy designs. Trend forecasters have set their sights on 6 Indian designers who are taking the fashion world by storm.  

Indian pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear) labels are being recognized worldwide and it meets the needs of young people who are looking for high-end fashion styles. Taking cue from fashion aesthetics of Paris and New York, our designers are working on the same line and bringing interesting blend of style. Indian pret is being ruled by contemporary silhouettes, neutral hues and subtle cuts at the moment.

Let’s have a look at the fresh talent in the industry.

Hangar Atelier by Siddharth Shashankan

Siddharth Shashankan, a graduate from the renowned Raffles Design Institute in Singapore has come up with his new label named Hangar Atelier. Despite being a newbie in the fashion industry, Siddharth with his strong sense of fashion and great talent has managed to win prestigious awards like the Customer’s Choice Award for the AIDS Awareness Project by the Health Promotion Board. He has display his displayed his creations at on some of the biggest stages for example Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur (December 2013) and at the Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 in Jakarta.

His approach to fashion is highly individualistic and he loves to create masterpieces with a modern aesthetic. His forte lies in playing with different fabrics and textures to create something extraordinary. He pays great attention to detail and is keen to create high quality, luxury designs. Talking about his latest collection, he took inspiration from the famous Japanese art of Kintsukuroi.

The colour palette of collection revolves around Lilac, Raspberry and Sage. As far as the theme is concerned, Siddharth chose to focus on tigers in order to create awareness about their potential extinction. The fabrics he used are mainly silk, satin and crepes. The collection boasts to have great detailing and exquisite craftsmanship.

Siddharth Shashankan | Fresh Talent On A Platter!

Lovebirds by Amrita and Gursi

The label ‘Lovebirds’ is the brainchild of artistic duo Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh. Amrita, who was born in Assam, had spent a decade in London where she got her diploma from the prestigious London College of Fashion. Gursi on the other hand is a Punjabi lad and had been working as a graphic and space designer in Delhi.

In 2013 the duo collaborated and started their label ‘Lovebirds’ which they have been developing since then. Being from contrasting backgrounds gives them the edge over their designs as Gursi brings definition and structure to the design while Amrita contributes towards monochromatic themes and other fashion styles. The duo is inspired by basic things like Nature, décor and architecture and incorporates those influences into their designs.

Their recent collection is a blend of soft colours with bold construction which brings a simplicity and effortlessness to their designs. Strong silhouettes with monochrome hues truly make them ones to watch.

Amrita and Gursi | Fresh Talent On A Platter!

Ikai by Ragini Ahuja

Being an alumnus of the esteemed National Institute of Fashion Technology (Delhi), Ragini Ahuja has come up with her fashion label ‘Ikai’. Launched in the year 2012, the label has already been on India’s most sought after fashion show Lakme Fashion Week numerous times.

Taking cue from her travelling experiences and being a graphic artist and illustrator, Ragini’s designs are purely artistic. There is a lot of fauna and flora in her creations which she converts into gorgeous geometric figures. She knows how to strike the right balance between contemporary aesthetic and vintage technique. She never compromises on comfort and her creations are very wearable. Her latest collection is all about quirky illustrations and animated graphics. Relaxed silhouettes and soft pastels are other eye-catching features of her collection. She could definitely rightly be called the new face of Indian prêt.

Ragini Ahuja | Fresh Talent On A Platter!

Huemn by Pranav and Shyma

Another deadly duo, Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty are the proud owners of the very successful label called ‘Huemn’. Shyma brings hints of her own personal experiences to her designs while Pranav is inspired by change and chaos. Both have different approaches towards fashion yet they gel well when it comes to aesthetics. One can get a fair idea about the duo’s sense of aesthetics from their latest offering. The new collection boasts to have a lot of rich fabrics like velvet and leather and is multidimensional in the truest sense of the word.

Pranav and Shyma | Fresh Talent On A Platter!

431-88 by Shweta Kapur

Shweta Kapur’s label 431-88 is already doing rounds in the fashion world. Being featured in Amazon Fashion Week A/W’15, this label caught everyone’s attention due to its clean minimalism and high aesthetics.

Shweta, a graduate of London College of Fashion, takes designing head-on by drawing on her experiences from day-to-day life. Furthermore, one can sense influences from her time working in New York City in her designs, giving them a multi-cultural feel. Being a passionate reader, Shweta takes cue from anything and everything she reads and infuses the same in the form of textures and structures. She knows her craft well as she seamlessly converts her imagination into reality. Keeping in mind the choice and needs of an urban woman, Shweta brings forth gorgeous fabrics and a chic construction to make it an interesting garment.

Shweta Kapur | Fresh Talent On A Platter

Munkee.see.munkee.doo by Teresa and Utsav

Teresa and Utsav are the founders of quirky label named Munkee.see.munkee.doo. Their label Started with an approach to bring in the modern high-street wear but has now graduated to a more classy and sophisticated label. It portrays the blend of classics and contemporary and draws inspiration from everything in-between. Talking about their latest collection, it offers something for everyone as it includes knitted pieces with an edge, young and refreshing designs, chic and tailored masterpieces.

Teresa and Utsav | Fresh Talent On A Platter!


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