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Fashion Splash: Monsoon Rainwear

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Make a fashion splash with your monsoon rainwear
Fashion Splash: Monsoon Rainwear
24 th Jun 2011
Make a fashion statement every time you walk out of your home this monsoon - in trendy trench-coats, raincoats or gumboots. Indian designer Sonya Vajifdar, who has launched her rainwear line for men, women and children, as well as a special section for dogs, feels monsoon wear is finally catching up in the country. "It's true that market for rainwear is not that great in India. There is hardly anyone in India who is making such lines. But the market of rainwear collection has evolved in the past two years and people are open to new designs," Vajifdar said in an interview. She says her collection, which includes trench coats, rain coats and boots, caters to the international market as well. "It is not that we are making the Indian collection. We design keeping in mind the Western markets also. The sensibility and the style of the pieces are different," she said, adding that "exclusivity is important for good business". "For instance, if you take inspiration from Burberry trench coat and make a collection on the same line, it will not be sold. I wouldn't expect anyone to buy from me if they are getting the same design from Burberry. So you have to present a different thing and this is how you will get good business," she added. Designers stayed away from rainwear mainly because demand for raincoats or trench coats has not been so high as the monsoon is short in various parts of the country and people don't find it wise to invest in rainwear. Sarika Joshi is one of the few designers who has forayed into this side of the business. She will launch her collection in October this year. "If designers launch something, they want profit. But what if people hardly get a chance to wear those clothes? Monsoon season in India is hardly of two months. So usually people are sceptical about buying something which is not properly utilised. "But now things are changing. People are ready to experiment with new designs, so I thought it's right time to launch a rainwear line. Today, people are open to spending money to looking nice. If we provide them a different rainwear line, then why not? I think, these clothes will make a comeback in a better way," she said. The rainwears actually don't burn a hole in your pocket - designer labels are available at a price range between Rs.2,000 and Rs.10,000. As far as local market is concerned, there are not too many places to look out for except a few shops in Rajouri Garden in the capital that stores trendy rainwear.

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