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A Fashion Spilt with Wills Lifestyle and Fashion Design Council

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A fashion Spilt with Wills Lifestyle and Fashion Design Council | Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week
A Fashion Spilt with Wills Lifestyle and Fashion Design Council
23 rd Feb 2015

After a 9 year long association that has covered around 18 seasons, sponsor Wills Lifestyle has now ended its long lived partnership with the Fashion Design Council of India’s leading fashion event known as India Fashion Week. A press release was recently released declaring the dates for the Autumn/Winter 2015 event, merely referring to the event as India Fashion Week, placing an end to number of months speculating about a divide between FDCI and Wills. Sunil Sethi, President, FDCI, stated that their partnership with ITC ended effectively within January 2015, but that their relationship with them still remains unharmed.

The organisations combined forces in 2006, which effectively spilt the fashion industry's opinions - the FDCI finished its contract with Lakme and its event manager IMG, who then launched Lakme Fashion Week.

Sethi has stated that there are a lot of “serious contenders” in the sponsorship argument, even when market sources are pointing towards both Amazon and Flipkart, who are now the biggest players on the list. He also stated that as the current e-commerce industry is booming, there are a few online retailers who are also strong candidates in the running.

With the FDCI panel on the verge of confirming the sponsorship details, we’re expecting an impressive fashionable partnership! 

Sources: Ibn Live

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