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Fashion Knows No Bounds

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Pakistani Fashion Designer Rizwan Beyg's Collection at Lakme Fashion Week
Fashion Knows No Bounds
03 rd Sep 2014


There have been numerous attempts at cross-border collaboration between India and Pakistan initiated by the fashion industry - from Ensemble opening stores in Pakistan to Pakistani designers participating in Indian fashion weeks. For the Winter Festive 2014 edition of Lakme Fashion Week, four designers crossed the border and showcased their collections. The designers included Rizwan Beyg, Zara Shahjahan and Sania Maskatiya.

Zara Shahjahan, one of the designers in an interview to TNS said that until this initiative by Lakme, the efforts have been on individual levels by designers on either side of the border. She adds, “India and Pakistan both have the same type of clothes but tastes and aesthetics are very different. As far as buying power is concerned, India is far ahead of us.”

The designer, talking about the similarities in fashion between the countries said, “Our lawns are extremely popular in India since they don’t produce the cloth there. Other than that, our embroidered fabrics and shoes also have a good market there. From India, Kashmiri shawls and Chicken Kaari is quite popular here in Pakistan. Overall, the exchange between the two countries is pretty much reciprocal I would say.”

Pic: Lakme Fashion Week

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