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The Fabric of India Exhibition to be Showcased at The Victoria & Albert Museum

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The Fabric of India Exhibition to be Showcased at The Victoria & Albert Museum | Cotton Appliqué Gujarat 20th Century Wall Hanging at the Victoria and Albert Museum
The Fabric of India Exhibition to be Showcased at The Victoria & Albert Museum
24 th Mar 2015

The ‘Fabric of India’ will be showcased this fall 2015 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The exhibition shall be showcasing almost 200 handmade items, from the earliest acknowledged Indian textile remains to contemporary Indian fashion.

The exhibition will also be displaying unique items such as fragments from ancient ceremonial banners, to a 1750’s tent used by Tipu Sultan from 1750-1799. There will also be a spectacular range of historic and traditional costumes, including highly prized textile pieces made especially for international trade, as well as modern and cutting-edge fashion by renowned Indian designers.

The items will be displayed from the 3rd to the 21st century and it has been said that it is the first time they will be displayed along side other renowned masterworks as well as the most up to date fashion in Indian contemporary design.

Ambassador Ajai Malhotra, recently appointed Chairman of the Nehru Trust, has stated that over the past quarter century ‘The Nehru Trust’ which was set up for the Indian Collections at the V&A, has contributed considerably to the expansion of specialised skills and scholarships in museology and conservation within India. He also stated The NTICVA will actively endorse interest in India’s vast and outstanding art and cultural heritage in the years ahead.

The exhibition will also be showing how cloth is made as well as educating how prosperity, power and religious dedication are all articulated through textiles.

The exhibition will take place as a part of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the initial opening of the V & A Museum’s Nehru Gallery. The Victoria and Albert Museum based in London is known as the world's biggest museum of ornamental arts and design, accommodating a permanent collection of over 4.5 million items. The museum was established in 1852 and then named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The Victoria and Albert Museum is situated in the Brompton district of the Royal Borough of both Kensington and Chelsea.

The highpoint of the Victoria & Albert’s India Festival will be the showcase of a variety of the most astounding skills presenting rich tradition that will both surprise and inform even those with prior understanding of the subject, and is sure to enchant and delight visitors.

Source: Hail

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