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Eco-friendly Label Seven Senses at the Amsterdam Denim Days

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Eco-friendly Label Seven Senses at the Amsterdam Denim Days
Eco-friendly Label Seven Senses at the Amsterdam Denim Days
29 th Apr 2015

India has recently participated in Kingpins Show, as part of the denim map at the trade event held in Amsterdam titled ‘Amsterdam Denim Days’.

The hall was overcrowded with manufacturers, artisans and retailers. Between these there was a little space occupied by Seven Senses, a small new label. The label specialises in denim fabrics, characterised by the handcraft behind them. Showcased in the exhibition space were different scenes of weavers working on the fabrics, which were projected on the wall.

Andriana Landegent, one of the co-founder of Seven Senses, was present at the event and visually supported eco-friendly themes throughout the showcase. She was working in Mumbai for a few years when she began to understand how the supply chain in India worked and started to work with the farmers. This was the breaking point for her; after some time she began working with Amit Anurag, who is the founder, and wants to support his state of origin: Bihar. When Landegent arrived, he had already mobilised the villages, which followed him and began working extremely hard.

Seven Senses’ fabrics have many different benefits: from the high quality of the items to the eco-friendly nature of the clothes. They use natural indigo, worked upon by the weavers using their hands and not by industries that use chemical products.

Moreover the two committed members of the label are involved in different projects to help the villages and their population: Amit has already helped to create a badminton court, while Andriana would like to create toilets in India’s rural villages.

For now they are just selling to the Netherlands, but their plans of expansion are big and they would also like to entertain relationships with other European countries and India.

Source: Seven Senses Official Website

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