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East Meets West - The Rise of Fashion Fusion

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East Meets West - The Rise of Fashion Fusion
East Meets West - The Rise of Fashion Fusion
07 th Sep 2016

Life for a South Asian growing up in the West comes with its own sets of challenges. The issues of fitting in, lack of roots as well a crisis of identity are just some of the problems faced. These challenges are only aggravated further by the often vocal judgement by the family for not being desi enough.

Tackling the problem from fashion perspective, several notable South Indian designers have combined our rich and vibrant cultural heritage with the simplicity of the West to come up with unique East-meets-West ensembles that combine the best of both worlds! Incorporating the classic South Asian couture to the Western style of dressing makes for inherently elegant yet lively attires that are suitable for both contemporary and traditional audiences.

Notable designer Anita Dongre’s designs are essentially boho-chic with the emphasis on Desi prints creating sophisticated Western outfits with the Dessi essence. Tarun Tahiliani has beautifully combined the authentic loose salwars with fitted waistcoats and blazers to craft a unique ensemble which makes use of the best that the two worlds have to offer.

Designer Mrinalini brings forth the concept of simplicity in her fusion designs with layered fabrics and earthy tones bridging the gap between the West and the East.

With these unique creations channelling both East and the West, it is time to stop hiding and start flaunting our culture and fashion!

Image source: desiblitz

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