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E-commerce Booms This Diwali

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E-commerce Booms This Diwali
09 th Nov 2015

The growth in e-commerce in India becomes evident as online sales boom this Diwali. Current forecasts suggest that online sales could be more than double of those last year, as increasing numbers of consumers are turning to the web for ease and convenience.

The top sellers are clothes, mobile phones and gifts, but bigger purchases such as cars have also been popular online. Diwali is the most popular shopping period in India as people buy new outfits for Diwali and buy gifts for family and friends.

E-commerce heavyweights such as Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart are expected to account for over three-quarters of the market share with a combined revenue of $8 billion out of $10 billion. If the projected online taking is correct, online sales would have more than doubled in the last year. This growth can in part be attributed to the increase of high-speed internet and Smartphone usage.

Online shopping websites have mirrored the strategy of sores by having Diwali discounts and flash sales to entice customers.

For Snapdeal, their bestselling category of products is electronics. On their recent Monday electronics sale day they sold an average of six mobile phones per second. As a result employees are having to work overtime to meet the high demand. 

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