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Differences between Hollywood and Bollywood

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The differences between Bollywood and Hollywood
Differences between Hollywood and Bollywood
02 nd Jun 2014

Here are the main differences between Bollywood and Hollywood:

Firstly Bollywood is the older of the two being first initiated in 1899 whereas Hollywood was born in 1910. Hollywood produces 500 films per year and the audience on average is 2.6 billion. In contrast to this Bollywood produces double this many films a year, more than 1000 and has a worldwide audience of 3 Billion.

On average, even though Bollywood has a greater audience, Hollywood makes a far greater revenue taking 75% of total revenues of all the films created all over the world. 50% of Hollywood earnings come from the foreign market in comparison with Bollywood, which has 20% of its earnings from foreign market. Hollywood has virtually overwhelmed all other film industries apart from Bollywood. The fact that Bollywood has not been quite eclipsed by Hollywood yet is probably down to the fact that India has an incredibly large population.

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