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Diagold Unveils New Collection

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Pear Shaped Raw Diamond Cuff | Diagold Unveils New Collection
Diagold Unveils New Collection
29 th Dec 2015

Diagold brings forth it’s all new diamond jewelry collection named ‘Baguette Charmants'.  As the name suggests, it is one of the best diamond cuts style. What makes this collection edgier is the fact that it draws its inspiration from none other than the jewelry styles worn by late Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe.

The essence of this collection is in its minimalism. It is very chic and boasts to have an old-school charm to it whether you pick a ruby necklace or a sophisticated pair of flower-shaped earrings. The collection has a red-carpet appeal and oozes glamour.

Varda Goenka, owner and designer of Diagold shared her views regarding the collection. She said, the Baguette diamonds are cut and designed in a way that it has maximum luster, sparkle and transparency. She emphasised that blending the classic baguette cut with modern designs; makes it a perfect choice for contemporary women.

Image source: Strand of Silk

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