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Dhruv Kapoor - Indian Fashion's Newest Find

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Dhruv Kapoor | The Gamechanger of Indian Fashion
Dhruv Kapoor - Indian Fashion's Newest Find
28 th Nov 2015

Dhruv Kapoor’s show at the Lakme Fashion Week this year started with George Bush’s speech about the current order of the ages. There couldn’t have been a better background score for the show which was titled “Anarchy”. Kapoor’s interpretation of anarchy did not involve disorder or chaos. It was in fact a more positive take which represented a state of freedom.

The highlights of the collection were the sweatshirts with the word ‘Anarchy’ emblazoned on them in dull gold that were worn with elan by both male and female models.

Dhruv Kapoor burst onto the fashion scene last year when he presented his clothing line on a smaller stage at the LFW. Later in the year, he introduced a line in keeping with the sports luxe trend and it was a phenomenal success which made Dhruv Kapoor a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Cut to LFW 2015 and it came as little surprise that his show opened to a packed house.

With sporty clothing becoming mainstream and fashionistas embracing sneakers, joggers and bombers, designers like Dhruv Kapoor are turning out to be game changers in the fashion industry.

Not one to be bogged down by norms, Dhruv has an open mind and pushes the sartorial boundaries to experiment with the new. Fusing viscose with handlooms and neoprenes with cottons, Kapoor creates futuristic outfits that are also extremely wearable and practical. His latest line comprised of cocoon coats in scuba material, tailored shirts, dresses and trousers for men and women, all of which had an androgynous appeal. This is what perhaps makes him click - the reckless confidence with which he mixes and matches textures and materials to cater to his young clientele.

The Instituto Marangoni alum’s mantra is to be open to new styles. Within a short span of time, he has carved a name for himself in the crowded fashion scene of India, thanks to his bold and unconventional designs. With the sporty chic trend going strong, we are positive that this young lad is here to stay and will do a world of good towards transforming the way the youth perceives fashion.

Image credit: GQ India

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