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Pushing the envelope Neesha Amrish likes to experiment
Designs from India
07 th Jul 2011
Neesha Amrish quit her job as cabin crew to turn to her passion of fashion designing. In three years, Neesha has worked surely and steadily to make a mark. She first worked as a stylist and writer for Ritz, a fashion magazine and later as a fashion designer and consultant for an online company. Neesha started her own line under the label “Neesha Amrish”. The line offers the best in contemporary Indian designs. Some creations from her line are available at Mogra in Leela Palace. Besides saris and stoles, unique kaftan-tunics are also on offer. The kaftan-tunics are a combination of symmetrical cuts of a tunic with the flowing beauty of the kaftan. “It suits my style aesthetics,” says the designer who played an important part in the Crafts Council exhibition held in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The kaftan-tunics flatter any body type, apart from being a classic style statement. All the creations are made from Mogra silk. “I love working with silks as it helps bring out the play of colours and designs more effectively than any other material.” Neesha puts in days of research before creating an outfit. She works on how to design her creations differently. Pointing to a copper sari with a deep red border and explains: “I cut a potato, dipped it in red dye and painted this border.” She also likes to experiment with patterns, a talent that makes her creations distinctive. The body of her saris are plain with few embellishments while the pallau is intricately designed. “I prefer royal colours like deep purples, bottle greens and maroons. But I prefer to keep it understated,” explains the Chennai-based designer. Her creations are available at Mogra at B-24, Leela Galleria,The Leela Palace, Airport Road, Bangalore and are priced between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 20,000 approximately.

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