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Designer Zainub on Men's Fashion

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Indian Fashion News - Designer Zainub on Men's Fashion
Designer Zainub on Men's Fashion
22 nd Nov 2011
Fashion designer Zainub, of AZ Couture, tells DNA why slim fits for men are out, how men need a desperate change in style and what men should and should not wear this season. What inspires you as a designer? We have been seeing men carry basic jeans and t-shirts for a really long time. I think they we need a change. This need inspires us to try and design something new, to create outfits that are both basic and stylish at the same time. We experiment with different cuts to arrive at different looks. What are some of the most prominent trends in men’s wear today? The basic trousers and shirts go best with a man any day. We’ve noticed that the slim fits are completely out. The straight fits are in. Straight-cut denims paired with a shirt or a t-shirt is the best look for men to go with. Making Indian work: How can more men make Indian dressing a part of their daily wardrobe? A lot of designers today do not specialise too much in making Indianwear for men. Even if they do, they aren’t wearable for everyday occasions. If men are given wider choice in Indianwear, it might just become a popular option. In our collections, we try and make clothes stylish as well as useable by working with high colours, playing with cuts and construction. What is the most important accessory a man should own and why? What is most symbolic of a man’s character is the watch he owns and the shoes he wears. These are representative of his character. I think the most important accessories a man should have are a good pair of shoes and a nice watch. What are the colours for men this season? In early spring-summer 2012, neon colours will be all set to take over the markets. But, I don’t know how the Indian men’s market will scoop these colours. However, some evergreen colours for men are the pastel shades. White is another colour that can never be unfashionable. Trends for the next year? For men, the straight fit is the way to go. Straight-cut denims can be paired with tops and tees. The slim fit is just out. For women, there will be a resurfacing of the high-waist, flairs and bell-bottom pants.

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