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Desi Hues Rule Fashion Palette

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Indian designers show on the catwalk
Desi Hues Rule Fashion Palette
23 rd Jun 2011

This season go vibrant with rich Indian hues. Currently, the Indian palette of floral colours such as lotus pink, sindoor red, marigold yellow are huge on international runways. High-waist trousers, overlays (non-lined jackets), short cropped jackets and simple shift dresses in these bright shades are here to make summers even haute.

This season “don’t be afraid to experiment with colours”, tells designer Jaya Misra. She says, “Bright Indian colours have given a whole new look to this season. These colours can be incorporated in western outfits. Long flowing dresses in such shades look attractive. Bold colour stripes and patching can be used in dresses to make them attractive.”

Take a cue from the spring fashion runways and fuse these colours interestingly, suggests designer Sanchita Ajjampur. She opines, “India, being a multifaceted country, is also a rich canvas of colours and textures. The Indian colour palette extends from golden saffron and jade green to passionate purples, reds and blush pinks to set off the creamiest skin and the more sun-kissed tones. Give soft and floaty silhouettes a fashion-forward vibe by mixing ornamentation and print.”

To this designer Vidhi Shah adds, “These colours look best in western silhouettes. Wear these solid colour tops with white pants or denims and wear one good accessory with it. You’re done to take the summer look forward.” Choose the right colours that suit your skin tone, says Varsha Bhawnani, owner of Vinegar. She says, “Haute colours this season are electric blue, neon orange, fuschia pink and they suit the wheatish skin tone perfectly. Sometimes, even skin tone works as a major element. Somebody too dark shouldn’t play with too many bright shades together.”

Designer Deepika Govind says that while experimenting with bright colours one should go slow on embellishments. “Embellishments with rich colours are an absolute no. Go for it only if you possess one or two prized vintage jewellery pieces, which would make a statement.”

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