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Clothing Gone Green

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Clothing Gone Green
Clothing Gone Green
25 th Nov 2015

As more and more people realise and recognise the significant threat against the environment, organic has become the new trendy. While historically, the concept of organic sourcing has only been applied to food, an increasing number of people are seeing the merit in organic clothing choices. Even for the non-believers, the sober and elegant looks of the fabric are pulling them in; and for those who are more tuned to the environment, organic clothing gives them guilt-free fashion!

Organic clothing basically refers to fabrics that have been made from unprocessed and chemical free raw materials and several brands in the market claim to offer them. To ensure authenticity, it is important to look for the ISOT and GOTS label which stands for Indian Standards for Organic Textiles and Global Organic Textile Standard respectively.

Organic clothing not only promotes a sustainable lifestyle, it is also comfortable to wear and healthy for both environment and the self. Interestingly, these clothes are rapidly gaining popularity with youngsters who are looking for fashion along with comfort.

Since organically sourced clothing is quite versatile in nature, youngsters are modifying it to suit their own style all the while catering to ethical and environment-friendly fashion.

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