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The Changing Face of the Indian Wedding Industry

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The Changing Face of the Indian Wedding Industry
The Changing Face of the Indian Wedding Industry
05 th Aug 2016

Over the years, the online market in India has grown expansively. More and more businesses have adapted to the online model and the world now seems to be at the tips of our fingers. In this new and digitalised world, WedWise has brought thousands of people together to form one of the largest online wedding communities in India and is revolutionising the way people look at and plan their wedding!

Wedding planning in India can be quite hectic and stressful with the multiple events spread out over quite a few days. Add to that the various rituals that need to be followed and it can be quite nerve-racking to plan. WedWise aims to provide some relief to the brides and grooms by providing them a unique service that allows them to plan a perfect wedding with zero stress.

WedWise essentially is a vendor recommendation platform on Facebook where brides and grooms get advice directly from the people who have used their services earlier. The intention behind WedWise is to help people get new and creative ideas based on the latest trends and bring them to fruition using authentic vendors with stellar history of customer satisfaction.

Bringing together both experts and novices, WedWise is bound to transform the face of the wedding industry!

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