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The Changing Face of Fashion - Out with the Old and in with the New

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The Changing Face of Fashion - Out With The Old And In With The New | Laxmi Shah
The Changing Face of Fashion - Out with the Old and in with the New
21 st Jan 2015


Fashion shows throughout 2014 questioned the norm of beauty by using differently-abled catwalk models to strut the runway. 

The runways and fashion weeks around all around the globe are filled with towering, elegant and extremely slim models with perfect model-like features. Models who ultimately make you desire to stop eating and sprint to your nearest plastic surgeon. You are essentially supposed to want to be them and look just like them, that’s what a model is ultimately based on. Nonetheless, there is a definite change that seems to entering the runways if you will, which seemly might be ending this Barbie like model industry.

These are the new kind of models, the supposed outcasts of the renowned fashion industry. They are becoming the new favourite with a lot of designers. These 'socially aware' fashion designers are fighting against the predetermined ideas of beauty with the unexpected stars of the show- from plus-sized ladies to differently able models. The most recent example is Laxmi Shah, the beautiful acid assault survivor, who strutted down the runway for the India Runway Week held in September. Looking globally, London Fashion Week will also be displaying its first plus-size catwalk fashion show.

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