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Change of Name and Identity - Indian Couture Week

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Line up for India Couture Week that was formerly called Delhi Couture Week
Change of Name and Identity - Indian Couture Week
08 th Jul 2014


Delhi Couture Week has been re-christened as India Couture Week in a bid to represent a broader range of designers and to stop the segregation of Delhi and Mumbai based designers. “In the past, we had enough of this distinction between Mumbai-based designers and Delhi-based couture experts. Now, no more debates on whether Delhi is the fashion capital.", said FDCI President Mr. Sethi.
This year is the first year of the renamed fashion extravaganza that features some of the best designers in the country - 10 of them to be precise. Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers are the principal sponsors and there are a range of other selected partners that are supporting the event.
Designers are going to have enough time, given that the event is spread over 6 days this year and includes a total of 12 events. Collections are expected to be unqiue and in the words of Rohit Bal, “Each one of us has his or her individual style. It is just a matter of reinventing ourselves.”

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