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Can fashion be limited to the place we are in?

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Can fashion be limited to the place we are in? - Kiran Desai
Can fashion be limited to the place we are in?
03 rd Oct 2014


The Inheritance of Loss author, Kiran Desai in her interview with British newspaper - The Guardian - spoke about how fashion does not carry over with a person when they travel to another country.

Kiran Desai talks about how she spent her childhood in India and whenever she travels, the fashions around the world are not necessarily the same so while travelling most people are inevitably behind the fashion trends in the country they are travelling too. She also made an extreme remark saying that when people wear Western clothes in India they look awful because these clothes don’t match with Indian sensibilities and people make negative comments.

This drastic remark by Desai initiated a debate and most people condemned her for this statement as this was just a generalization and many men and women in India do dress in Western attires.

Some of the leading names in Indian fashion like Ritu Kumar and Sabyasachi argued against Desai’s statement. Ritu Kumar believes that fashion boundaries do not exist anymore as times, styles and trends are changing and just aren’t confined to the country one lives in although she does point out that extreme cases like wearing Western wear in Benares or traditional Indian outfits and Western weddings can look out of place but a generalization can not be made to all occasions.

Designer Sabyasachi also believes that there has an increase in patriotism and many of the NRI’s he speaks too and buy his clothes speak about how wearing Indian makes them feel connected to India. Moreover he adds that Western or traditional can be worn anywhere.

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