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Bryanboy - No Tips for Indian Men

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International Fashion Blogger Bryanboy
Bryanboy - No Tips for Indian Men
07 th Jul 2011

One of the world’s most popular fashion bloggers, Bryan Grey-Yambao, more popularly known as Bryanboy, is in Delhi. And, he is not impressed by the style quotient of desi men. “Indian men are very conservative when it comes to fashion. Their uniform consists of a button-down shirt and long pair of trousers", says the 24-year-old, who hails from Phillipines. Women, however, have impressed him more, and not just when it comes to fashion.

“They are amazing ... they sure love their colour, their sequins and their jewellery!” He raves on about their daredevilry. “It’s the women who ride motorbikes ... those women are badass! Why do men wear helmets while women, who sit dangerously with their legs on the sides instead of straddling the bike, some carrying kids, ride without helmets on?” The revamped Delhi airport, too, has him impressed. “When I was a child, I remember my father telling me that if ever I go to New Delhi airport, the first thing that will greet me would be unpleasant smell. Boy he was wrong. The New Delhi airport is one of the most modern airports I’ve ever been to. It’s even more modern than the crappy international airport we have in Manila. Or the two airports in Milan. Or Rio de Janeiro. In New Delhi, the scent of duty-free perfume and cosmetics wafted in the air as soon as you exited out of the baggage area!”

Yambao is also in love with the Delhi staple, Chinese “chilly” chicken. “I’ve been feasting on all things chicken,” he says, confessing he’s never watched Bollywood films, but already has a favourite actor list. “After a few hours of ‘research’ (also known as Google images), I’ve decided I like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, even if they’re way too muscular!”

Bryanboy basics

Real name: Bryan Grey-Yambao

Age: 24

Hails from: The Philippines

Claim to fame: World famous fashion blog,, with over 2,00,000 visitors every month. Designer Mark Jacobs even named a bag after him Yambao started blogging at the age of seventeen and was also one of the first front-row bloggers at the Milan Fashion Week.

No style tips for Indian men When asked to give style tips to Indian men, Boy replied, “I’ll pass the question because the manner of dressing here is influenced by religion so naturally, men are very conservative and modest — not much freedom of choice. When I visited Fatehpur Sikri, because I wore shorts, they gave me a fuschia pink coverup which they tied around my waist. It looked like a skirt on me! Not a problem at all, since I thought it was so Lanvin!”

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