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Brand New No More - The Emergence of Second-Hand Fashion

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Brand New No More | The Emergence of Second-Hand Fashion
Brand New No More - The Emergence of Second-Hand Fashion
03 rd Dec 2015

For avid shoppers who love to switch up their wardrobe regularly a new platforms that trades in pre-owned clothes is making it much more affordable to do so. For a generation that buys more and uses less, such platforms are a godsend. Compulsive buyers can score deals where they can get an ‘almost new’ barely worn branded dress for a fraction of the market price. Not just that, they can even add to the inventory on the platform by selling their dresses at nearly 30-40% of their original price. Win-win, did we hear you say?

As the young generation evolves, the taboo associated with ‘used-clothes’ is slowly being shed. Brand new is now passe and pre-owned is the name of the game - or at least amongst the segment that wants to fulfil its fashion aspirations without breaking the bank. Cashing in on this paradigm shift are platforms like Elanic, ShareWardrobe, Envoged and Stylish Play that let you buy designer labels and big brands at close to 30% of the original price. If one can buy a dress worth Rs. 6000 for as little as Rs. 2000, why would such platforms not thrive? The buyer receives an almost new outfit that is cleaned and packed to look as good as new. 

Another important driving factor that helps these platforms remain afloat is the fact that they provide access to a range of brands that are not available on websites like Flipkart or Amazon that provide deep discounts. With just a handful of stores in select malls, it becomes difficult for the masses to be able to buy brands such as Zara, Mango and Calvin Klein. So when platforms like Stylish Play offer them at such attractive prices second-hand clothes become more attractive.

The typical user of second-hand clothing platforms are woman in the18 to 35 age bracket. With the women’s premium apparel market being pegged at Rs. 9,000 crore, the pre-owned category can be a game changer that will enable more and more women to access luxury and premium branded apparels at an attractive cost. While it is still a niche segment right now, we’re certain that as the market matures more and business models evolve, such platforms will become more mainstream, attracting thousands of transactions in a day. It will not just be a welcome development for the fashion industry but will also be a positive step towards sustainability.

Image credit: Popsugar

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