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Bangalore: Comfort over Fashion

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Bangalore: Comfort over Fashion
Bangalore: Comfort over Fashion
29 th Jul 2011
The economic upheaval in Bangalore, resulting in a rapid emergence of clothing shops has sped up the evolution of Indian fashion in Bangalore. What does that really mean? Women have more freedom to choose. City women and fashion experts agree that the most important fashion advice is to choose an outift that helps you feel the most comfortable in your skin. This means trends aren’t necessary to follow, and there are countless options ranging from the traditional sari to the modern Western look. Madhavi Rongala, who owns Yellow Button — an Indo-American clothing store, says, “The beauty of clothes here is that you can wear it as a dress or you can mix it up as a tunic. Wear a little shrug and you’re set for the night. Modern clothes demonstrate that girls like to wear what is comfortable.” The store is an accurate portrayal of the fashion style in Bangalore. It’s a twist on traditional wear. It doesn’t just stick to growing trends but offers an array that will suit many women, with clothing designed with practical, respectable cut lines. Though there is enhanced freedom to choose from the many style options, staying respectable in the given environment is also essential. “I think appropriation is very important. I won’t go to the local meat market or flower market in spaghetti straps. It’s important to dress for the occasion. So, you’re more comfortable and people around you are more comfortable,” explained Harathi Reddy Rebello, real estate entrepreneur. Women are excited about the style freedom and don’t feel as though traditional wear will ever go out of style. Women, old and young, curvy and thin, agree — traditional wear is timeless. Harathi is one of these advocates. She believes there is no style that holds more strength, beauty and power than the sari. “For special events, I like to wear saris. You feel so elegant in them. You can walk in a pair of trousers and a crisp white blouse and pearls and look chic, but when you wear a sari to a shop, the amount of attention and respect is a lot more, the reaction much different… I get better service in stores and they’re more polite too,” she admits. When she put on a sari at 17 years, Leela Ramgopal never thought of looking beyond it. Leela reasons, “When fashion changes, my saris are always fashionable. If I bought a sari 30 years ago, and I wear it today, it still looks good.” The most important message to take from these opinions is that choice offers a freedom that is positive when there is conscious selection. Wear what is comfortable, and what looks best with your body type. “Modern clothes, traditional clothes, anything you wear, wear them with a watchful eye. No matter how big a trend is, doesn’t mean you should follow it blindly,” Harathi advises, adding, “Indian women have child bearing hips. And that’s a beautiful thing by the way.”

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