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Back to Indian Cultural Heritage
25 th Mar 2013
“The sari has become cool”, says famous designer, David Abraham, which is something “one would not have thought just a few years ago.” An influx of international brands has also made Indian youth more “India proud,” says designer, Mr Mukherjee, whose been showing since the beginning of Indian fashion week in 2002. The Indian fashions are also proving a viable sales option for business’s, where stores both nationally and further afield are spotting the trend and buying in roughly three quarters more homegrown designs. “There is a pride in wearing Indian,” he said. Bollywood is a big influence on fashion and many young actors wear Indian for their red-carpet appearances. Manish Malhotra is showing at both fashion weeks and is perhaps the most prolific designer for the Bollywood crowd. He did his first-ever show in 1999, a mix of Western and Indian wear. Today, his luxe Indian-focused collection is available in 15 stores, including in Doha, London and Dubai. “The last five years of focus on Indian wear has worked very well for the brand and the label”, he said.

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