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Are 3D Printed Bridal Dresses the Future of Bridal Wear

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Are 3D Bridal Dresses the Future of Bridal Wear | 3D Printed Wedding Dress
Are 3D Printed Bridal Dresses the Future of Bridal Wear
17 th Apr 2015

Though most brides to be dream of their unique wedding gown being intricately hand sewn by fashion designer couturiers, that process could soon be a element of the past.  One fashion company in China is now creating spectacular 3D printed bridal dresses.

Showcased at the ‘TCT + Personalize Asia exhibition’ in Shanghai, the dresses have been cleverly created using extremely advanced technologies teamed with nylon powder, Instead of the usual materials such as lace, silk and chiffon.

But despite their slightly odd beginnings, the designers have claimed that the dresses are very soft to touch, easy to wear and also durable.

The gowns are made by Chinese 3D printing specialists titled Xuberance, who also make a variety of other products such as hair bands, jewellery and even home accessories using the unique technology. The dresses could ultimately indicate what fashion of the future will look like.

Rather than the respected and loved traditional dress making skills of Parisian couturiers, these innovative dresses are created using a technical process named ‘selective laser sintering’ (SLS).

The dress fabric is formed by using lasers to slowly fuse together the nylon powder, which slowly builds up to form layers.

Unsurprisingly it's not just gowns and accessories that Xuberance applies their ground-breaking technology to.

Though specific details have been kept very quiet, a revolutionary 3D printed wedding cake and detailing were also displayed at their exhibition. But if you were eager to cut costs by missing out the bridal shops and going for the technology route, then this process may not be for you.

A unique 3D printed wedding veil created using the same technological process currently costs a whopping 20,000 Chinese yuan, which is approximately £2167.35, whilst a metallic headpiece sells at 5,000 Chinese yuan, which is around £541.84.

The dresses are priced similar to most popular haute couture bridal fashion designers, with a 'price on request' treatment, but since it can take each a whole week to 'print out', the costs are ultimately likely to be high.

Sources: Daily Mail

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