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Anniversary Collection showcase from SilkyWay

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Anniversary Collection showcase from SilkyWay | SilkyWay Saree from new Anniversary Collection
Anniversary Collection showcase from SilkyWay
03 rd Mar 2015

It’s an exciting mix of contrasting colours, designs and surfaces at SilkyWay at the moment. The designer boutique, which belongs to Shanthi Ramasubbu, has completed a year in the industry and to celebrate the special occasion they launched a new collection of saris, which are guaranteed to appeal to the fashion forward ladies in the city.

Shanthi’s daughter Kruthika showcased a sari that included an interesting mix of both organza and georgette.

She draped herself in the unique sari to demonstrate the quick and easiness of this particular style. The sari was constructed so imaginatively that it was as simple as putting on a skirt.

A combination of materials were introduced from the collection that included a variety of both softer hues and brighter tones such as pinks, nudes and black.

Shanthi’s unique ‘yoke pattern’ on a simple sari is as innovative and exciting as her past ‘fusion Kanchipuram’ range, which includes rich Kanchipuram outlines bordering chiffon sarees. The brightly coloured Kanchipurams will certainly make you the star of the show, with their use of vibrant and contrasting colours.

The ‘Frill sari’, which includes a number of frills, patterns and brocade on the border of the saree, is also apart of the new anniversary sari collection.

Sources: The Hindu

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