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Acid Attack Survivor Proves That Fashion Is Not Skin Deep

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Acid Attack Survivor Proves That Fashion Is Not Skin Deep
Acid Attack Survivor Proves That Fashion Is Not Skin Deep
28 th Jan 2016

People envision fashion and beauty as a shallow industry that worships physical perfection. An Indian fashion retail brand, Viva N Diva has set out to break this myth and make fashion more encompassing. The brand has signed up prominent acid attack survivor and campaigner, Lakshmi Saa as the face of their new range of designer outfits for women. The fashion campaign with Lakshmi as the ambassador is called “Face of Courage”

Lakshmi Saa had acid thrown in her face at the tender age of fifteen, for rejecting the marriage proposal from a 32 year old man. The barbaric act scarred her physically and emotionally. However the brave victim did not succumb to her injuries and became an advocate for passing stricter laws against the perpetrators. She has also been constantly campaigning for control of unregulated sales of acid.

The brand Viva N Diva approached Lakshmi Saa after the co-founder; Mr Rupesh Jhawar saw a calendar featuring acid attack victims as models. The visual made a deep impact on Mr Jhawar, who thought of incorporating the ideology into his brand. An acid attack victim as a representative of a fashion brand breaks the myth of visual perfection and portrays an image of courage to stand up against the norms of the society. The brand’s approach aims at, providing confidence and self worth to women across India, and eliminates the standard notions of beauty.

Lakshmi Saa was elated to be a part of the campaign and say it has given her an opportunity to prove that the attackers cannot rob a woman of her confidence. Furthermore it has given her a platform to encourage and inspire other women in her situation.

Acid Survivors Trust International estimates around a 1000 acid attacks in India, of which many go unreported. However the country still does not have specific laws to prosecute acid attackers.

We hope that Lakshmi Saa and Viva N Diva’s initiative will alter the outlook of acid attack victims and the fashion industry and will bring constructive change to society at large.

Image source: Viva N Diva

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