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2000 Episodes of Planet Bollywood News

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2000 episodes of Planet Bollywood News celebrated with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar
2000 Episodes of Planet Bollywood News
29 th May 2014

It has been 2000 episodes of Planet Bollywood News, which is one of the most popular shows of its kind. Considered India’s number one Bollywood channel filled with glitz, glamour and sexiness! That is almost 5 years of being at the top ahead of all the other Bollywood News channels.

So to celebrate this enormous achievement the superstar Akshay Kumar arrived at zoOm studios to celebrate with the reporters, news producers and news anchor Sagarika Chhetri.

Akshay addressed the team by saying, “I love the words you guys use ‘Khulasa’, ‘Suni Sunayi, etc. All my celeb friends watch it. In fact, they get a lot of news about us from there, rather than from us. You guys are doing an amazing job. Congratulations! Keep rocking!”

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